My Guy

So I left him

Not for good,
Just for the night
Not for the night,
Just for an hour at the most
I just went out to the bar for god’s sake
I was on the fence so-to-speak before I left the house
I wondered of the circumstances of my leaving
But I assured him I just wanted to be alone
He told me that was fine but he had tears in his eyes because
I’d spouted this and that about how he made me feel so inadequate
sometimes and how once or twice he actually made me feel unloved
The way he was looking at me made me think twice about that one

I said, I love you, quietly as I walked out the door into the night
I hoped he had heard me
Something was all caught up in my throat
I got to the bar and I ordered a beer and that feeling
in my throat got all flushed out but the thoughts in my
head needed some working through so
I opened my journal and took a stab at rearranging
the thoughts with the blue ink of my pen
I failed, I think

I looked around at the people sitting
At tables, on the barstools, and standing
They were mainly men, twenty or so of them
I looked at them and I found every single one repulsive
It was nothing personal, just my mood I suppose
I hadn’t gone looking for men
but I was looking at them then and I couldn’t help
but notice that very few of them were nice guys
They may have been nice guys yesterday
And they may be nice guys tomorrow
But that night, no, not that I could tell

Too I was sitting there picturing My Guy
And how he is that nice guy
One guy, up on stage,
he’s a nice guy too
You can tell just by looking at ’em I swear
But he’s not My Guy

A man came over to talk to me and
I bit his head off before closing my journal
and heading home to My Guy

12 thoughts on “My Guy

      1. As I’m learning, it just is what it is… Bold moves make for bold profits? I’m contemplating that factor! lol

        I was just saying, emotions have a way of blurring the lens of reality and interpretation, hence, blurring judgment, hence, blurring a happy life. 🙂

        Tread lightly… 🙂

        Don’t waste your life on needy people, they never change (If this is the case).


  1. Hey sister, we’re all flawed… It’s called “Human” (Big Smiles)

    Just be careful with those emotions! I’m very emotional myself, and my emotions always create quite a stir…

    Have a great weekend. 😀

      1. Your man? I bet he does need you… 🙂 He got with you didn’t he???

        Now I have recently became a non believer in romance, I would hate to steer you wrong and all…

        But if he questioned you about your “Where abouts”, that could be a sign of “Something”… (Shruggs)

        My advice to women, and I strongly stand by it…

        Forget about romance to a degree and use logic. Too many fall victim to romance based on movies, music and social ideals of how YOU should be in a relationship rather than just being YOU and living for YOU!

        Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you can’t have a say in your life!

        If you’re a counselor in the real world? I think you will be smart enough to weed through the guys that are useless…
        Trust me,you do not want a man that is needy and is a lap dog!

        But, I don’t know you personally…. 🙂

  2. Haha, no you don’t know me personally but isn’t it fun to try? Don’t make too much out of my words, they are just thoughts afterall. I appreciate your attentive advice and I’m sure all my female readers are diggin’ it. Read again! Until next time,

    Oh, and P.S., My Guy is great! That’s what this poem is all about! Its about how much I appreciate him (believe it or not), neediness aside.

  3. Amazing write. Sometimes we have to step away! As I’ve said in my poem Hopelessness …. ” I need to leave/ Not you/ Just from you ” ! I have def been there! Love this!!!!!

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