just because I turn from you
doesn’t mean I don’t intend to hug you
I do
I just tend to do things the hard way
I am free to close my eyes
when my body faces the wall
and reach my cold hands behind me
searching for your warm, muffin-like mitts
your lively palms
where mine are so clammy and closed
I close my eyes
because the mind does not know the difference
between what it sees
and what it remembers
so i need not look at you
I hope you do not mind
Its only that you are far too ostentatious
yes you are
what with your ravishing blue eyes
skin like an isolated shore, delicate and fair
you are too good to be true
don’t mind me as I hide here in the corner
hoping you do not notice
that my body is quite like Venice Beach

foot note: Bouvet is supposedly the most isolated island in the world.

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