This Is It!

On June 6, 2006 my father came for a visit
He traveled by bus and thumb a few hundred miles
Just to tell me he loves me
In person
Just in case
He said
The world comes to an end
Just in case it crashed down all around us

We’d sat at a lookout near a ski resort
Watched the sunset upon a perfectly normal day
You know, the end of the world here would be a forest fire,
My father told me as we looked out at the vast pondorosa pine forest
You’d want to head to the nearest big body of water
— Get out on a lake or something

I’d listened, nodding, and part of me
That little girl who still believed everything her father said,
Took it to heart and thought
Yeah, that’s where I’ll go when the world begins to end
Out to Lake Mary

That day, 666
I sat and remembered back to new years eve, 1999
A girlfriend of mine and I had sat in her parents backyard
Looking up at the sky, waiting for something to happen
At 14 years old we’d never before witnessed a proposed apocalypse before
We were chomping at the bit, running inside every few minutes to see if the computers had crashed
We sat, watched and waited like the Universe was going to give us a show
She didn’t

Just this year
Another proposed apocalypse came and went
I didn’t expect much
But my body woke me up in the middle of the night
And my feet took me outside just in case something was going on
I got up and left my boyfriend cozy in bed
Stepped outside,
Looked up to the sky–it was calm as the sea in summertime
I watched a few clouds pass over the moon
Went back inside, went to sleep

The new year is coming up now, 2012
A bunch of shit is supposed to go down this next year
Ive got my fingers crossed
At this point we’re all hoping, aren’t we?
That the Earth will mysteriously lose gravity
And out we’ll all go
To some place “better”
That the Earth will finally again be slammed with meteor
Oh, come on, we could use a little excitement around here
Lets all go out together…
I myself want to avoid this slow, painful death
Let’s hear it for 2012!

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