It’s Magic You Know

The month of January gifted me two
dreams which seemed more like premonitions
then residue from my waking life

One dream showed me consecutive green lights.
When I set out driving the morning after the dream,
that was all that I found:
consecutive green lights.
I went back and forth across town twice
All green lights if you can believe it

The next dream, the final dream
was a dream about a river

In the dream I’m pointing at the river,
I’m looking back at two deceased relatives,
my paternal Grandmother, Beverly
and my Great Uncle Ray
I’m pointing at the river and saying:
Isn’t it beautiful?
I’m choking up, tears are in my eyes
I look back at the river,
its cloudy and pale green
Its how a river looks after heavy rain

I was browsing the Triplicate today,
the online version of the newspaper back home,
I saw that the headline read:
“Smith River Crests, More Flooding Possible”
I think I saw in my dream just how
the river looks back home.
Fact I know I did.

Oh, Oh, Oh, Its Magic, You knoowww….
Never Believe Its Not So

2 thoughts on “It’s Magic You Know

  1. The same day you posted this I had a dream the night before about flooding over a bridge that I was going to drive across. In the dream I hesitated. The sound of the creek right now is unmissable and salubrious. I walked out to it a day or two later after the dream and an extremely long tree trunk has either fallen it or washed downstream, to jam itself just upstream my swimming hole. Seeing a big change like that energizes me and makes me laugh out loud for some reason!

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