Outside My Window

Waxing gibbous hanging up in the sky
A tinted backdrop of subtle pink and blue
In the forefront, winter’s naked oak trees,
a couple of spruce trees,
Skinner’s Butte,
2 hotels: the Econo Lodge
and America’s Best Value Inn
The President apartment complex
A parking lot
Toyota’s, Honda’s, Chevrolet’s…

A young girl darts out from the inside of
an apartment, her petite brunette mother follows
I see a siamese cat run across the street
It’s a beautiful cat, I’ve been seeing it around lately,
The little girl sees the cat,
She sticks out her hand and opens it and closes it
She mouths “kitty” or something of the like
Her mother looks impatient at first but
then lets the little girl pet the cat

The mother and daughter and the cat are twenty
yards or so from a four-laned road where
there is traffic day and night,
we’ve gotten used to the traffic.
This is looking outside my window.
I just can’t get over
the bright waxing moon,
dusk takes my breath away.
In the morning there will be seagulls.

4 thoughts on “Outside My Window

    1. Thank you Maggie! I just had to add that as I absolutely adore the seagulls that show up in the morning! I live an hours drive inland from the beach so they’re really a treat in my opinion!

      1. There is something wonderful about seagulls inland. I think it’s the idea of how easily they fly from the shore over the mountains and land that takes so much trouble for us to cross. What a beautiful scene you’ve painted in words.

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