I Love Him (You Fill In The Rest)

Years ago, I was listening to the radio in my kitchen
A song came on, and it just had the most pleasant sound
Its chorus said something like,
I love you like a mountain
I had to stop right there and rest my knuckles on the counter top,
and soak in those words and that haunting tune

I kept thinking of those lyrics,
of that song,
for days, months, years
and I thought of him,
I thought of saying that to him,
but we didn’t really know each other back then.

Like a mountain
With its peaks and meadows
and its birds and sky, hidden behind the treetops
With its black conifers and yellow-leaved aspen,
looking like butterflies,
frozen in time on the horizon.
You are as mysterious,
as sacred,
as powerful as a mountain
and I love you like a mountain.

I listened to that same song again
I watched outside our window
as the hills faded to black
and the trees faded to black
and I thought to myself,
to no surprise,
I still love him like a mountain
Only now, I can sing it out loud,
I love you like a mountain,
We came up the same,
we were both the same

I Love You Like A Mountain, by Timber Timbre:

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