More and more
Exposing itself
Black rage
Hanging in the air

I know the neighbors
can hear me
I wail and cry at night
They hear books,
coffee mugs,
milk jugs,
hitting the walls
They hear
my boyfriend’s big feet
shuffling, picking up after me
It only lasts a minute
But I know they hear it

When I see the neighbors
I’m all smiles and pleasantries
I know it isn’t fair,
to my boyfriend
to my neighbors
If only my walls
My Walls
weren’t so thin
If only I showed my
to the one who deserves it
If only I kept it to myself
It’s just that until now, I didn’t
have anyone to show it to
I’ve kept the blackness here inside
of me for    so     long     and I haven’t a clue
why it’s coming out now.
Do you?

4 thoughts on “Help

  1. Hi Terah,
    Great poem. As for why now? In my experience it is that you feel safe enough and/or strong enough to deal with whatever it is. Bon courage!

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