Top Of The Tree

I’m remembering those girls from high school
No, not those girls,
the other ones
The few who were untouchable.
The girls who were so incredibly
beautiful the guys didn’t even talk about them
It was as if they weren’t even there.
The guys didn’t elbow each other, point and say,
Hey, look at her, it must be cold out today, haha,
She’s a human thermometer,
like they said about me
No, they kept their mouths shut about these ones,
Looked at them in secrecy

These girls were in theatre,
They hid behind books,
They had long, Rapunzel hair and wool
knee-high socks they wore in the
middle of the desert
These girls were my fantasy,
In fact sometimes I wondered if
I were the only one who could see them
as I watched the boys
chase cheerleaders, man-eaters,
and the football coach’s daughter

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