10 Reasons Why I Write

1) People don’t listen to me when I talk (I’m soft-spoken and, you know, people are assholes)

2) I’m an artist

3) There’s verrrrry little overhead cost, a pen, paper? Come on

4) Being able to read and write is a priviledge not everyone has

5)  Ideally I will have a career as a writer, so I need to practice!

6) Because I aspire to publish a memoir and that requires a bunnnnch of writing

7) Because when I read books, I can’t help but think “Hey–I can do that!”

8) Some people earn lots of money writing books, I want to be like those people! I want to break my family tradition–poverty

9) I want to be well-known, small-scale, large-scale, whatever. I want a fan or two or several thousand

10) Because I’m compelled to! Somebody said (help me out here) that you don’t choose writing, writing choses you

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Write

  1. I hope to be a full time writer someday myself. It’s tough, though. I’ve had my book on amazon for over a year and I don’t have a single review. 😦

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