“Get To Know Me Better” & Awards Announcement

Hey all!

A blogging friend of mine, Jane, nominated me for the Inspiring Blog Award and the Lovely Blog Award. How lovely 🙂 Thank you, Jane! Jane writes the blog In My Mother’s Room, which focuses on her memoir of the same name. 

Now it’s time to share the wealth! I get to pass on the positive vibes by nominating 10 of MY favorite WordPress.com bloggers! Here goes:

Poetry, Photos and Musings, Oh My!
In My Mothers Room: A Memoir 
Marlene Luneng
Maggie Madly Writing
Jason Alan (AKA Poetry of a Mad Man)
Brian Westbye
Arna Baartz
Christian Mihai
Zen and the Art of Borderline Maintenance

Another part of the deal is that I have to share with you 7 random things YOU didnt know about me. Have fun getting to know me better!

1. I work the graveyard shift.

2. On Monday, I’m auditioning for a lead role in a movie!

3. My zodiac is the Scorpio.

4. My boyfriend Forrest’s birthday is the day after mine–he’s a Scorpio too!

5. I’ve been to jail.

6. I’m from “redwood country” and my family has been living there for 5 generations now! Represent Del Norte County, California!

7. I was recently interviewed by Sci-Fi author Dan O’Brien!

What now?

If your blog was listed above–please take the time to let your favorite bloggers know you care by nominating them!

No, there’s no fancy side bar image or
anything like that, this is just a pat on the
back folks–a thank you for doing what you
do. Also, tell us “7 Things About You”.
You’re special–and I wanna know more!

2 thoughts on ““Get To Know Me Better” & Awards Announcement

  1. This is a shout-out to those who “liked” this post but didn’t get a nomination from me–you’re blogs are awesome guys, I’m just not as familiar with them (yet). Thank you so much for liking my post regardless of not getting a nomination (this time). I’ve got my eye on you!

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