What I Really Really Want Deep Down Inside Of Me

Just do normal things
Get up
Get dressed
Play a little
Rest and
Do it again
And again
Stay away
From the poison
You are highly susceptible
To the poison
Of falling
Under its spell
Believe in the magic
Of yourself 
Through all of that mundane
The mundane
Is fulfilling through
The mundane
Will love you back
The fast-track
Will not
The fast-track
Will make an
Old woman out of you
A quiet,
Simple life
Will give you health
And the foundation
You’ve always wanted
People will love you
If you love yourself
You’ll see
Be organized
Be adult
It’s OK
You can let go
Of that angsty teenager already
You don’t need to act out
For attention
Be a woman
Pride yourself
In your work
For a rainy day
Send out Christmas cards
This year
Call your niece
Wash your face
Go to bed

Put the child to rest

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