SPARK Project: One Red Elephant by Helen Lewis

One Red Elephant

I am involved in something called The SPARK Project. It’s awesome.

The general idea is this: I’m assigned a partner. My partner sends me a photograph and I write a story about it. Conversely, I send my partner a story and they take a photograph inspired by it.

Other types of artists involved in the SPARK project are musicians and painters.
Here’s a description of SPARK (I copied it straight from Facebook):

SPARK is a call-and-response creativity project in which artists, writers, and musicians from around the world use each others work as inspiration.

Wish me luck–I have 10 days to write my response piece to One Red Elephant by Helen Lewis of Suffolk, England (bonus: Helen’s a writer too, and a veteran of SPARK).

2 thoughts on “SPARK Project: One Red Elephant by Helen Lewis

    1. There are other ways to follow the project too–here’s the WordPress page, but it doesn’t seem many folks are using it these days…

      If you’re interested in participating I can provide you the founder’s address, she’s a friend of mine and a wonderful woman to boot.

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