It’s a Serious Life

I don’t know where I’m going
but I know exactly where I’m goin’

The nights are long and
that’s when I drive
even late afternoon is night these days.
I can see only the ground which
the headlights cover.
I just hope for the best
with the rest.

Most my truths come out
at night.
In the day my
truths hide behind
trees and buildings and
large people.
Only the children can see them
with their eyes wide open
their selves not afraid

I hope with all my heart that
any path I choose is right.
But I know that is wrong.
What I mean is, I know that
isn’t true.
I’ve seen enough
sad stories to know there’s
no “all part of a bigger plan”


So, you’re saying she was suppose to
die an alcoholic who felt like her
children didn’t love her

So, you’re saying the woman who
cannot conceive really isn’t meant
to be a mother
The woman with the nursery
and the money
and the heart
and the warmth

So, you’re saying he was
destined to die on his way
to his wedding

So, you’re saying 26 children
dying is all part of the plan?

Fuck you.

We act and there are consequences


People who claim it’s all
god’s will must’ve had their
asses wiped and their lunches packed

This is why I take my life so seriously.
One wrong move and
You end up where you
didn’t want to be.
Should’ve been drivin’ your own
train buddy, shoulda been in the
driver’s seat

6 thoughts on “It’s a Serious Life

  1. Loved, loved, loved it! I love how you say what needs saying and do it so that there are no questions left to ask. There may be velvet on your hammer but your aim and power are on the mark!

  2. Cool.Terah van Dusen. We act and there are consequences..This underlines our decisions in is a either make or break it.Life is good .Let’s make it good…

  3. David here. This is wonderful. Great work. I would like to say so much about man the chooser, maybe I will later but you really have said it all. I have paced a mile with this poem the last two weeks and need to carry it even farther. I fear my comments would make me more vulnerable than I am comfortable being, and that kind of makes me ashamed when I consider how brave you are in writing what you do. I will as always keep you in my prayers. May God bless you dear Terah.

    1. David,

      You prompted me to re-read this poem and discover a typo–so thank you. Aside from that, GAH was I having a bad day this day or what?! This is poem is a little…harsh. “These are my thoughts not my truths.”

      Thank you for your blessings David,


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