Walking With Our Love Woes

We all have our love woes
They come in their own unique
shapes and sizes
Often lopsided
Old married couples have big love woes that
make for strong foundations
Things to fall back on
Like joint accounts
and children
Things that make people say ‘oh what the hell’
and stay
Young couples have little
love woes that they pick at until
they bleed
and when they dry they
pick at them again
I let you guess which love woe
I have
I’m walking with my love woes
who put this day in winter?
We bundle up, our faces sadder than ever
and everyone I see
is walking alone

5 thoughts on “Walking With Our Love Woes

  1. Good poem Terah, your My Self too. I especially like its flow. Martha and I have been reading you. I like talking to a living poet, you know get myself out of the graveyard so to speak, and reading them. And I sure could talk to you a long time about teen age boy publishers, as someone who looks for modern even living poets to read. Depth does come with maturity, usually. Thanks again for your poems and stories. David.

    1. You spend a lot of time with dead poets.

      Still reading at the Chateau? I wish I were brave enough to do that. To read out loud. Maybe I’m getting there, I don’t know. But I’m not even practicing in the mirror. They say to do that but that just creeps me out.

      If it were not for you and Martha, I may not have pursued my voice and my dream. Those nights by the fire were priceless scenes for my life’s journey. Thank you and incredibly surprising that I’ve made my way so far from the mountain.

    2. David,

      You do spend an awful lot of time with dead poets.

      If it were not for you and Martha and Elizabeth and those nights by the fire I would not have found my voice.

      It surprises me but doesn’t come close to delighting me that I am so far from the mountain now.

      As always, thanks for reading.

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