My Self Lately

My mind is a machine in need
of a tune-up
My heart a dilapidated thing, again
And who damaged it but me
The only calm I come by is dawn,
even my dreams are exhausting
I am a sterile girl
with a pregnant body in
all places but the womb
My body is one bursting with life
but oppressed and not-in-use.
The past few weeks have grown me
older than all of last year
The days are dropping like rotten apples
from a tree I used to call home
and I am lying down,
and by choice,

8 thoughts on “My Self Lately

  1. For some reason I can not “like” this but it works because I “love” the way you write about emotions/feelings. I need a tune up myself more often then not 🙂

      1. We will be in CC for Easter 😉 It’s a very long drive this direction! I will always try and give you a heads up! Just in case we can connect!!! Your always welcome this way as well ❤ Hugs!

      2. Would be great if I could see you as you pass through to CC. Hey–maybe, maybe I’ll go down for Easter. To CC. It’s one of my fathers favorite holidays.


  2. Hi Terah. Thank you. Yes minds need tuned. Is that the same as washing your mind? Sounds similar. Yeah a good mind scrubbing time sounds wonderful. Sure a lot of stuff in my brain that I can think of no good reason for it having to be there. God bless and keep up the good work.

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