My Self Lately

My mind is a machine in need
of a tune-up
My heart a dilapidated thing, again
And who damaged it but me
The only calm I come by is dawn,
even my dreams are exhausting
I am a sterile girl
with a pregnant body in
all places but the womb
My body is one bursting with life
but oppressed and not-in-use.
The past few weeks have grown me
older than all of last year
The days are dropping like rotten apples
from a tree I used to call home
and I am lying down,
and by choice,

8 thoughts on “My Self Lately

  1. For some reason I can not “like” this but it works because I “love” the way you write about emotions/feelings. I need a tune up myself more often then not 🙂

      1. We will be in CC for Easter 😉 It’s a very long drive this direction! I will always try and give you a heads up! Just in case we can connect!!! Your always welcome this way as well ❤ Hugs!

  2. Hi Terah. Thank you. Yes minds need tuned. Is that the same as washing your mind? Sounds similar. Yeah a good mind scrubbing time sounds wonderful. Sure a lot of stuff in my brain that I can think of no good reason for it having to be there. God bless and keep up the good work.

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