Bear Mountain

In life, I like hills that are mountains but not so large the average person can’t climb ’em. Mountains not so large they get glaciers and avalanches. Not so high you need special gear. No, in life I like mountains for the Everyday Person. A mountain anyone can get to and d8122de23cc4ad5c30702e910b5a284aenjoy. Mountains with water, because life needs water. And better with water people bottle and call ‘Spring’. In life, I like mountains erupting with life. I like mountains with deer and duck and butterflies and bear. I like mountains with signs. Signs that are brown and green and read ‘Wilderness Area’ or ‘Preserve’. In life, I like places where us animals are free. Flat land is fine and the nose bleeds are few. But in life I like a mountain small enough to climb but large enough to name Bear.

12 thoughts on “Bear Mountain

  1. That’s the kind of blog I like best. It’s short but full of interesting thoughts. I’d have a few less people on my mountain but it has got me thinking about it.

  2. That’s sweet. I have the same feeling for poetry. I believe in poetry which is understandable by the common man the same way you like mountains that can be climbed by a common man. That picture is really cute.

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