Blog (Flop) Hop Reminder–Fri 3-15

A few days ago I invited you to hop on the Blog Hop, though I’ve heard from only a handful of you…a very…small…handful. I imagine that you, like me, are confused. I’m still confused! This is Blog Hop is much more difficult than, say, musical chairs, which is how blogging should be, easy! I mean, we all know monkeys could blog. This Blog Hop is like an f-ing equation–wait so I post now and five people post in seven days and I link back to five people who already posted so that the train has ten people but if you can only find three people then that’s fine but if two people jump off the train than how many pe–…

I’m about to call this Blog Hop the Blog Flop! But rather than give up, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to post my tailored instructions on my blog. My very simple tailored instructions. Instructions for monkey’s if-you-will. There’s no limit to the number of bloggers who can join. If you like the questionnaire, post it on your blog. What you’ll do is copy and paste the questionnaire in a post and invite your readers to do the same. Time-limit-splime-limit.

Ideally what this will do is assist the readers you already have in really getting the low-down on say your memoir or your soon-to-be-released historical fiction while introducing new readers to your major piece of work. If this sounds like a good deal to you, stay tuned for the Blog (Flop) Hop Instructions & Questionnaire which will be posted soon. I’d be pleased if some of my long-term readers could support the momentum of this author-chain my chiming in with a post. Thanks guys 🙂

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