Unplug–the Internet’s a Spiritual Rip Off

ed7638e386442fc8843e7f178fcf36fcIt’s not a simple time. It’s no longer a simple life. But the simple life is sold and we fall for it. The simple life is sold in t-shirts branded “Simple”. Simplicity is cropping up in your local malls and its shops are growing larger and its simple products are getting more and more. Simplicity is getting expensive. And trendy. But are you being true to yourself? Do you feel simplified?

Spirituality is promoted until it’s not spiritual anymore. The Dalai Lama preaches humility, thrice a day via Twitter. Ideas are exchanged and yoga studios promise enlightenment just… after… this… one… last… post…then its time for meditation. For real this time. “Off to meditate.” “Done meditating.” “Was great.” “Feel so good.” “Can’t stop typing.” “Don’t forget to ‘Like’ us for a dollar off your next workout.”

I personally can’t deal, can’t hang. My thoughts didn’t pinball around in my head until I was pulled every which way by technology. At night, morning and noon, like you, I groggily shuffle to the laptop and quest for information, enlightenment, validation, and discounts. I sit for hours and I find out a lot but I rarely find what I am looking for. And I NEVER find exactly what I’m looking for. Health. Love. Genius. I am disappointed. I am exhausted.

So I quit. Again. From now on I will no longer have a computer in the house, internet on my phone, or even a television. My home 8a2a0f52f232193ed232a70b43779489will house books, food, hot water and a bed. You know–the essentials. And when I come home from work, I will be able to hear myself think. What a concept.

I will no longer search for the things my spirit needs on Google. It doesn’t work that way. Ask yourself: are you exhausted? Let down? Out of touch with those around you? Out of touch with yourself? You might want to consider what I’m doing: unplugging. Already it’s been two days sans Internet and I. Feel. Peace.

Does that mean I’m done blogging? No. Not even close. I will still post weekly, respond to your comments, and read your work. I have computer access–I have my ways. But my Internet use will be scheduled and moderated. And no I will not be signing up for Google+ and Facebook like some of you have requested. I already have WordPress, Twitter, MySpace and Gmail. What more do you want world?

The only way my spirit will thrive is if it has space to breathe. End of story. The Internet is full of false promises. Beware. Truth lies in the space around your head and in the seemingly empty corners of your home. The world is magical if you just unplug and play with it.

14 thoughts on “Unplug–the Internet’s a Spiritual Rip Off

  1. Thanks for being brave enough to say what most of us don’t want to consider. A little while ago I didn’t have the internet in my home for a year, and looking back, it was a really good time of personal growth. Since then, I’ve moved and have internet again. Coincidently, it was then I stopped mediating, and now my thoughts pinball, and my day orbits the glowing screen.

    In May I’ll be moving back to a place with no internet, and I’m excited about it! Your post helps me feel confident about that decision!

    1. I knew you of all people would be on board with this. You have the mentality, not that its superior, because its not. Its just a different way. “My day orbits around the glowing screen”, don’t we all? Its incredibly addicting and exhausting. Too I was finding myself jumping from one thing to another–literally watching Netflix while pinning on Pinterest while checking out a video on YouTube. What?? Going nowhere fast is what that is.

      Cheers to the natural life. If I can’t live in the country I can at least unplug and focus on what I really want whilst in the town.

  2. My plug is half-way out, and I am the better for it. My biggest time killer by far was Facebook, but no more. And you’re right…there’s such a push to be “spiritual” it makes it virtually impossible to find that certain nirvana…too many “how-tos” 🙂 Jane

  3. Sounds amazing. I want that peace. Is it completely ridiculous that google saved my bacon tonight…. and the lives of my fish.

      1. I completely cleaned out my fish tank and my filter/bubbler took a crap.. so I thought. Googled “why isn’t my fishfilter working” and bam. Troubleshooting paradise 🙂 Seems like a bigger deal when your fish are staring at you from salad bowls! Lol

  4. This sounds like a full blown case of spring fever, I am most familiar with the symptoms although my world isn’t quite as tecky as yours the impulse is the same. With me it gets kind of wrapped up with gold fever, a distant and more virolent fever that posseses me and drives me into the mountains where I throw rocks and roll boulders and seek shiny magic yellow pebbles. The Water Ouzels are mating. The sky comes in narrow windows of blue at the top of green mossy canyon walls, and the creek and I sing together in the lust of the spring spate. The conch is blown for the mountain lions, I guess, and I recite and read poems outloud so my own voice does not grow strange to me. Sometimes I will always talk to myself in singing or in poetry. Not allowing any thought to not have meter if not rhyme. Yeah. Spring fever. That’s what I say. May you never get well. Stay alert, there may be a maypole in your future. Luv ya Terah.

    1. Full blow Spring Fever
      Like Gold Fever
      I throw rocks and boulders
      seeking those shiny, magic, yellow pebbles

      The Water Ouzels are mating
      The sky narrow windows of blue
      The creek and I sing together
      The lust of the spring spate
      The conch is full blown for the mountain lions
      and I recite and read my poems aloud as my
      voice sometimes gets strange to me

      Spring Fever
      That’s what I say
      That’s what I do
      That’s another thing in
      common with you

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