Free vs. Me

I wish
I had
what I had before
I want
what is                                                                                        far ahead
I want it now
I desire
the moment
I had just today
I couldn’t feel a thing
I desire it forever
I need
the emotion
of midnight
I find myself
on my knees
in the dark
weeping a song
I need that to last forever
to not give way
to this headache
this boredom
the song
was romance
and I wooed myself
I’m caught in your web
you cast your net
you neglected your win
pulled at my arm
I yanked my own chain
I need
I need
but I’d rather
you not let
me be
don’t be mean

8 thoughts on “Free vs. Me

      1. I posted a new short story”Heaven on Earth”. Please comment. Please introduce me to your other friends who are interested in poetry.

  1. Deceptive tauntress writing herself deified
    Do you know what you want
    Or just want something
    Is it your womb screaming
    Or just your head bleeding
    Why call forth this reckoning
    So you can run and hide with more remnants
    of shattered lives
    To prove to yourself that you can have and lose control all at the same time
    I will dance
    You will tire
    Feet swollen impregnated with the truth of who are
    You will tire
    And beg me to lay next to you
    And you will rest
    And smile

      1. Taunted writing,
        I know I want,
        More than just something screaming
        Whoever that might be
        As far as time
        I have known stillness and patience but indulge in secrecy
        Couldn’t stop dance and truth if I tried
        Stay awake a little longer and a smile might be just a beginning
        You are the master of time
        And should run if you like

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