I Want To Be

I want to be forgiven
for what I’m about to do
to you
catch and release
you’ll be guy number five
I’ll be your girl number two
your first
your last
your mystery
I want to be whipped
into shape
taught a lesson
fondled and driven
to madness
wined and dined
I said wined and dined
I said wined and dined
I said tell me
to put on a dress
I said ask me
to take down my hair
I said
I want to be whipped
into shape
I want to be tamed
lead me
guide me
I want a man
I’ve never seen a man
I’ve rarely seen a man
I thought I saw a man once
but he walked into the day
and by night he was all gone away
I saw a man once
who had It
I saw a man who
could tame me
but he didn’t want a thing
to do with this woman
with this body
with this piece of work
right here
I want to be forgiven
I want to be whipped
I want to be tamed
I want to be a girl
who is chased
but women like me
are so bold
so brass
women like me are
more of a man
than you’ll ever be
chew on that
and when
you’re a man
come back to me
cause I want to be
I want to be tamed
and pregnant
I want to be

16 thoughts on “I Want To Be

  1. Damn Terah . What are you up too? Hope all is well. I am living pretty close to you these days. Feel free to drop a call. 512-297-1125

    1. Yeah I hear you’re living in CA just 1 1/2 hours from here…but…there is no part of CA that’s just an 1 1/2 from here! I’m farther than you think, will get in touch.

      Love T

  2. Hello Dear Terah. Out of the mountains for a couple days, thought I’d catch up with you. (Good luck David). Here’s what I see. In ” Free vs. Me” you are on your knees and my dear I weep with you. In “Secrets” I see your beauty growing from the strangeness. Your “Anatomies” speak to me of Adam and Eve in the garden, you know before the strangeness came and beauty was confused. And your “Want To Be”s, well you may be bold, but I think your brassiness is kind of a shield, and is really more bravery. And it makes me think of a line from a TSO song. “Sometimes all you have to do to change the world is to ask.” I love that purely feminine line. “I said ask me.” As usual my thoughts and prayers are with you. May God bless you

    1. May God Bless you too, David. I do hear you. Here and on the line.

      And I do not run although I hide. You know this.

      Thank you for reading. I heard from Elizabeth today, and to you two and Martha I owe so much. If you and Martha knew our fates you did well of keeping mum as us two girls wrestled with the bears of the hills. Little did we know we would be rushed from the mountains (with our own, blind, free will) like the fate of winters snow.

      Can you believe I’m a townie?

      Martha’s colorful dinners at sunset and poetry in the quiet of the mountains is missed and remembered with joy and peace.

      We will unite again. That place is in my heart. In a really big way.

      Sometimes surprised at your loyalty to me.

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