Spilled Yet Contained

Today is an
in-between moon
my mood reflected
in the sky
A hot night
turning all the
ladies faces and
necks red melting
the glue that holds
together the teeth
of the man who
loves to speak
bubblegum pink
is the paste that
keeps his teeth
on the top and
his teeth on the
as for me
I think I’ll
stop speaking
for a while.
I’m applying
for a cashiers job
at the market and
between that and nights
I’ll be all talked out, the
energy settling less between
the sheets–less in the space
I’ve created for something
else, for someone else, less.
I went to a benefit concert
where I bumped elbows and
shoulders and some kid
put on a jacket and his zipper
hit me in the face
is a pretty blouse
a flower
on a wrecked girl
and I don’t know if I mean
me or someone else but either
way I’m coming around to her

10 thoughts on “Spilled Yet Contained

      1. Please come visit and let us be the wonderful host we know how to be! We live in yurts and we all work together to maintain. Would love to share this with you. 😉 I would like you to meet my partner Enma. I have told her all about you and we follow your post on the reg know. Much love to you and yours. Ps. We will come get you if we have too.

      2. Mo!

        I’ll come visit you and Enma (what a cute name). Sounds like a delightful and mysterious place. Thanks for reading. Like, a lot.

        Oh, my phone “broke” and, um, that’s one of the reasons I haven’t called. But, when I get a # again I will get in touch fa sho.



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