3 thoughts on “The Body Does Not Lie

  1. Hi Terah. I do enjoy your memoirs. And this boy is definitely on his way back to the mountains, Three days, actually nights, and I.m crazy and thats living in the country. But this note is actually a P.S. on a comment I left on Off-Track III. When you read poetry, always be passionate. Remember, the poet puts passion into every bit of life, that’s their job: to make even the mundane a ladder rung to heaven. You can do that. Pour that passion into every word. I think of reading poetry to others as, and here my verbiage don’t misconstrue, as making love to them. It encourages me to pour my whole heart into every word. I think you can understand what I mean. Have a good week and I hope you can get yourself out of town easily.

    1. When you read poetry, always be passionate.

      I have noticed that you do. I will NEVER forget this advice. Although it is utterly simple–its so simple that we forget it. Already I have thought that my words and letters would carry the weight–they don’t. Performing poetry is different then blogging poetry, I suppose it is a performance. Though mine will be subtle–I will strive to make it memorable and give the words some richness and life.

      Thank you.

      I am working on getting out of town.

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