To The Man in the Cheese Aisle

What do
you say we
get out of here?
Let’s take this
side-glance and
run with it
We’ll go beyond
the city limits,
as far west and
north as we can go
Chasing that
idyllic place,
that feeling
Circle each
other in the sand,
Swim the first
swim of summer
in a warm creek
by the beach
as the sun
winks the day
We will dine
on mussels
and wine
and kiss
a salty kiss
on the street
Sand in
our shoes,
Strangers upon
first glance, but
past life lovers
Your mouth,
your teeth,
drive me
to flee

4 thoughts on “To The Man in the Cheese Aisle

  1. I quote Anna Hempstead Branch: ” Ladies it is your lot to be made more beautiful by mens eyes,”

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