The Easy Way Out

I wish I knew a
golden opportunity
when I saw it
I wish I knew which
door to choose
I wish love would stand
like a buck in a meadow
and my path
were illuminated
with light
I wish my mind
knew right from wrong
I wish my legs would
find the right gait
I wish my body
knew balance
and timing
I wish I knew
better how to
keep the faith

1 thought on “The Easy Way Out

  1. I see faith kept here, Your daring to be vulnerable in stating your wishes (memories, dreams, deeds and illusions too ) which reveal your hopes and your heart and that flow from your faith, speak boldly of a faith kept. Don’t be discouraged. Remember as my favorite (dead) poetess said , here on earth, love ” comes with scars in its hands and feet.” You are fighting a good fight oh warrior princess. Don’t let your arm grow weary.And take heed of those who fall before you.

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