Like + Lust = List, Not Love

Does love not
teeter totter?
One day you
love him the
next you
do not
Let’s abolish
the word altogether
Reserve it for pets
and grandmothers
He and I decided
that lovers List
Like + Lust
We lovers do not
very well sustain
We lust like hell
and we like enough
to stay together
We only love when
we are pathetic, which
isn’t often enough.
We only love when
you are looking.
Or that’s what
he did to me.
In school, I would
jump from my teeter
and watch the boy
totter down
I saw someone
else do it so
I did it too
I was the
meanest girl
on the playground
thinking boys were
is such
a rush

and love
a fluke

4 thoughts on “Like + Lust = List, Not Love

  1. “Love is forever, lust is for the moment. Got a moment?” – Michael Gorman

    “What’s love got to do with it?” – Tina Turner

  2. ” We only love when we are pathetic” Taking pathetic not as an active verb, but as a state of observed being, this statement is so true and is even a cornerstone of the gospel. Why does and how can our giving in love from our heart end up looking like it so often does, as foolishness? Being a wise old man even just consists of knowing how foolish you are. Kind of hope I never get there, don’t know if i want to see that. Thanks Terah,keep your hand on that plough and maybe one of these days some man who sees something that none others see will just walk up behind you and take the reins. I’m not too sure you would even give them up. He would have to catch you at a weak moment and sneak up on you and I think he might need more than three golden apples.

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