When? Why? How?

When do I get it?
Next week?
Next decade?
When does it pay off
for me?
Like it did for
him, for her
When do I get the
night-lighted hallway,
socks on the kitchen floor,
invitations for him and her
Mr. and Mrs.
Sunday dinners and
being tucked into bed and
tucking in
Haven’t I given and
asked to be gotten?
When did I slip through
the cracks?
Was it when I ran?
Swam, drove away,
slamming doors?
Was it when I didn’t say I do?
Was it when I said I don’t?
I don’t remember you asking

9 thoughts on “When? Why? How?

      1. Oh, OK! Will go to your blog now, please forgive me, I have limited internet. I am happy to contribute to your blog as you have so kindly to mine.

      2. hey don’t be sorry,,i feel very bad when my friends say sorry to me….so not text time ๐Ÿ™‚ O.K
        I didn’t mean you should comment as soon as possible dear.you can comment any time…
        And will you be my friend?????????????

  1. Dear Terah, you haven’t slipped through the cracks. Night-lighted hallway… great detail. I got news today that my sister and her husband just bought such a house.

  2. I used to ask myself the same questions, then I realised that those things other people had were things I didn’t even want. I had something they would never understand. Freedom.

    1. Word. I had a thought the other day along these lines that I really wanted to write a poem about but never got to it. It was like the opposite of this poem.. was going to start with something like “You keep your stale sex/ your coupon book/ your schedule/ your kid-sticky counter tops and boy-smelly hallways/ You have fun with that”

      So, yeah, I get it ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. “out with the old dreams I borrowed, the path I call from here on out will be my own” as the song goes.

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