The daisies are browning
Soon they’ll be dead from here
to the coast and summer will close.
Golden were the trees lining
the country roads today
I drove hundreds of miles
’round bends and over creeks
and never the way they told me
was the quickest. I took a wrong turn
and it lead to the heavens
I found my way back down again.
I took both hands off the wheel and
stuck them high over my head when
my car and the road were good and
steady. I sang Somewhere Over the
Rainbow with Tori Amos and I thought
of death and I thought of you.

6 thoughts on “Roads

  1. Wonderful as always. And…extra credit for mentioning Tori. [smile] ~ I think I would have known this was your poem even if your name and profile photo were not included. You have a wonderful…something…about you in your poems that’s very recognizable, though, at 4 AM the word I’m looking for is elusive. But it’s something like “dance”, and, well it IS wonderful (!) [smile again]. ~ Bill

      1. No! Me likey! “Stuck” is not the word I’d choose. I’d say “blessed”. You know, the same way you’d recognize a Tori Amos song anywhere… More please (!) [and smile again] Have a great day! ~ B

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