Reach Out and Grab It

But how?
I do not
see it there
Is it blue?
Is it orange?
Am I hot?
Am I warm?
I did not get
the map nor
the memo
How short?
How high?
Bigger than
a bread box
or a fly?
Do I send for it?
Some say don’t try
Who has it?
Do you have it?
Gotta work hard
before you die

4 thoughts on “Reach Out and Grab It

  1. Hi Terah! I like it. Click Click Click. Are you getting ready for life again or a fishing trip? I have heard that sometimes when you’re fishing it helps to throw the net out on the other side of the boat. Of course me? I think the color is gold and one size fits all. Luv ya and miss ya, keep up the good work.

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