I Can Smell You

by Thomas Saliot
by Thomas Saliot









Your words
and gestures
reverberate in
my head

I cannot fathom
how you got in
I locked the
front door
and the back
I let you in for
tea once
or twice
We maybe
went for
and gravy
…and has it
been that

You met my
We cursed
our mothers
but I locked
that door
before I left
When did you
get in?
I can hear
your words now,
see your gestures
I can smell you now.

3 thoughts on “I Can Smell You

  1. Hi Terah, I’m catching up with you here. I’ve been fighting giants, and not just the big boulder kind. CND stuff. So these poems I like, they remind me of Keats and his Eve of St. Agness. Has a servant left a window open? Is somebody tunneling under the castle. It must be a brave Heart Warrior to make such sweet trespass into the bold country of your heart. Take care Terah, take care. David

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