My Next Big Thing

71ff1ac339195a49da6e6052ed1812f9I always need a Big Thing in my life.  For the past year, my Big Thing has been a bi-monthly writer’s group in Portland. But now that I need new tires, new disc brakes, and more money and time in general, I’m finding that I can’t pull off going to Portland like I used to (it’s a three-hour drive). All the signals are pointing toward something new, and at this point, I’m looking for anything that will help me accomplish completing my manuscript. So I’ve decided to stay local and sign up for a class at Lane Community College. The class is “Crafting the Novel” and starts on October 3rd. Back to school for me! Fucking, yay. I know, I just know that this is the push I need to wrap things up and begin the editing (and publishing) process.
Here is the description of the class:

This class is designed to assist students not only in writing their novel but to get it published. Whether you have a completed draft, are in the idea stage or something in between, this class will help you develop the discipline, dedication and the skills you need to get that novel written and published. Week by week we’ll workshop our works-in-progress in a supportive and positive setting. Some of the areas we’ll cover include: developing character, plot, dialogue, organization, revision and finally how to publish and market a completed novel.

Major plus: the class is held at the brand-new downtown location, right next to the library and closer to home than the main campus. I am concerned that the class might not be the absolute best fit since novels are fiction-based, but I’m hoping the teacher is flexible (I know that I can be) and will help me adapt my memoir to the structure of the class, or whatever. Because if I’ve learned anything it’s that a memoir needs a plot, climax, and rich characters too. Wish me tons of luck! I really think this is the last leg, the final chapter of my memoir-writing–which all began a long five years ago!

7 thoughts on “My Next Big Thing

  1. Here is a truth. All over the internet you find people who are ‘born to be writers’ etc, and talk about their calling, but little evidence of their calling or insight seem evident in the samples they give us. You are something different. You have real talent, and I am hoping you get the recognition you deserve. You don’t need writing classes: you just need to write. I don’t suppose I can tempt you to pop over to my blog and leave a comment, I don’t care if its your recipe for cheese sandwiches, but if you leave a comment, I’ll be able to return here, otherwise your existence gets lost somewhere in my powers of disorganisation

    1. This means everything to me. These words are exactly what I need right now. I can’t say enough. You offered me a blessing today, so thank you.

      Visiting your blog right now. 🙂

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