6 thoughts on “Reset

  1. Terah, what an exciting place to be. Unlike most, I do love change. Actually, I thrive on it. Head first into whatever. However, a baby really does change things and then they, not you must come first. I do believe we both know the consequences when the do not. Great poem! 🙂

  2. I waste a whole morning building a wall around my heart with fine chiseled blocks of cynical blusterings, almost blasphemous oaths and other assorted rubble from the base of Mt. Pride, all nicely mortared together with smooth remorse and most proper bewailings,. . . and I read this and the walls come tumbling down. I’m betting you can’t moderate tears. Change? Wanna buy a gold mine?

  3. Holy shit David you’re on fire.

    No but I’ll take that cave of yours. How is that going? I wonder. Someone needs to write a poem about that place. I need to go there and write a poem. There’s some magical about being down in there. There’s something magical about you about us about the mad. There’s something magical if you’re willing to let go and drive down a country rode and run with wild abandon from the supermarkets and superficial scenes. Town makes me cry. I have to be there but not too often. It’s almost my twenty-eighth year David, I know you’re not much for astrology but that means that Saturn is back in the same place it was at the year of my birth and has travel it’s distance around the sun. It is a time for reevaluation–if I haven’t done enough of that already. I’m going home for a visit. Would be nice to see you and Martha but I can’t make any promises. To the good life. To the high life. Hello to Martha and farewell for now.

    As always, thank you.

  4. You are always welcome Terah. I have had to plug and seal the mistress dig as the FS and the NPS have gotten real wierd. They have more sides of their mouths to talk out of than a cut diamond has facets. Oh don’t they just sparkle now !

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