Me & You

This is my…
life by design
I made it,
I arranged
the people
just so
some near
some not
I did that
you know
I can’t
take credit
for the trees
for the meadows
but I put myself
in them,
just in case
I don’t last…
my body
shall lay
in the grass
Does it feel
like a lifetime?
Just minutes?
Or days?
My mind is
conflicted but
I allowed it
to get that way
I know you
hear me
I know you
know me
I know you
see me
in you
We are
all masters
in this creation
you and me
me and you

12 thoughts on “Me & You

  1. “This is my…life by design”… So thought-provoking, this one. I suppose, even if sometimes passively, we do make the world we find ourselves in. ~ This is really great. 🙂

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