The Fine Line

There’s this fine line
with strangers, lovers
I step too close,
and I tend to,
you recoil
like I do,
afraid of snakes.
You wave too
earnestly and I
am disinterested
afraid of your need
like you are afraid
of my need
All we can do
is watch one another
and wait for a move
a move we can both
live with
It is amazing
we are even oriented
facing this same line
at the same time
time time time time
time always brings
us together
don’t wave
don’t step
don’t shudder
whisper at this
or get drunk
and battle it out
in tongue
So afraid
so afraid
we are of
one another’s
time tells
us when
to love
when it’s
I                      scare it off
sudden movements
and I have lost
sudden movements
and I fight too
so afraid
you are so afraid
of me
I am so afraid
of you
I can’t house
your need
I don’t have
the energy to
Handsome one,
tell me how high
and yesterday I
would have jumped
but today
I bid goodbye
until that day
when we will stand
eye to eye
at the line
the fine line
and the timing
will be right
just right
finally right
for love
to fly

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