We both checked
the stars that night
checked the stars
for signs of life
I wish I may
I wish I might
put an end to
the search tonight

Could it be possible
to know a love unstoppable?
Does it begin with
hello, friend
and if so then
how does it end?

Some are so lucky
others hit just
below the mark
I’m putting it out there
I’m wondering if there’s
something there
I looking at you
I’m thinking yes
yes yes
I gripping my
white knuckled
I’m having a hard
time letting go
I’m watching
this spark
ember upon
ember in the meadow
I’m waiting
watching hoping
for this fire to go wild

5 thoughts on “Ignite

    1. I thoroughly appreciate your taking the time to read and comment. I am highly uncertain, it is true. I believe my society presents so many options that I cannot decide (ha) if that is a blessing or a curse. Always afraid if I chose one route then…what about the other. Elizabeth Gilbert nails this on the head in her memoir Committment where she travels to other countries and observes how with their limited choices the women appear to find more peace.

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