How many would
love to see me
like this
how many
ex-lovers that
I shorted,
traded in
for one another
I am pained,
it is true
my insides ache
my face is blue
my smile frowns
eyebrows down
not flattering
in the least
I strip
I beg
I claw at
the windows
in my red slip
I try it all
I try so
to summon you
with my mind
I beg
I wonder
where you are
I am red
I am done
I am in for
the kill
I am hunting
and you
are hunted

9 thoughts on “Hunt

  1. Keep writing, Terah. I’ve been at it for many years myself. A good Practice is to take your notebook, and write today’s poem. Turn the page & tomorrow, write today’s poem. Do this for about 10 days, never looking back at each day’s poems until the 10 (or so) days have passed. Inevitably, when I look back through the writings, I find at least 2-3-4 that are stand-out keepers.
    The important thing is to keep writing, every day. When, like me, You have many years of filled notebooks, You will be happy You did so. You are great with words and writing, daily if at all possible, is rewarding as only we writers know.
    It’s what we do 🙂
    If You would ever want to get in touch with me to see some of my work, or for any reason, my email is

    1. Awesome! It’s so great to meet a new connection, thank you! Nothing feels more satisfying than writing! It is in me – as you – and I would love to keep in touch and inspire one another. Look forward to reading your stuff and thank you thank you thank you for reading mine. 🙂

  2. Speaking strictly as a hunter here, make sure your sights are right on, a couple practice shots are a good idea, and don’t let the arrow fly until you are rock solid.

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