Did I dream her up?
I met her in the vegetable garden. It was sometime near my fifth birthday. I was fingering the dense pumpkin stocks and their broad leaves like wall insulation to the touch–misleadingly soft and cozy. Like a five year old herself.
She appeared there beyond the ripe orange globes.
She stared at me,  reached out to touch the vines.
She was my age. Her eyes spoke to me but her childmouth never moved. I admired her wetsand-colored curls as she told me that we were Identical. That he touched her too. That he came for her when he was done with me, that he came for me when he was done with her. She told me her name was Esther. Before I could respond, he pulled up in his Chevrolet. I crouched down in the path in my Autumn dress. I peeked my eyes above the garden greens as he pointed to the passenger door instructing her to get in. My eyes got big and wet, her dress was caught in the door, they drove down the dirt lane toward Hunter Creek and I shook but it wasn’t cold outside.

6 thoughts on “Esther

      1. I really enjoy your posts Terah. I’ve been wondering where you were or perhaps it is me. I’ve been having issues with both WP and possibly my computer… 🙂

      2. Lea — please forgive me and try to understand, I live in a small town now with one library that only allows you on the computer for one hour per day. Since I only make it to the library about one day per week, I am limited, or am limiting myself; I am unable to communicate as much as I would like to. Wish I made more time to read your work. Perhaps things will change, hopefully, ideally they will.

        Thank you SO MUCH for your continued interest and support. You are amazing.

      3. Terah, please forgive me. I live in a small village and while I do have wifi, it is extremely slow and not always reliable. There are about a dozen computers in the entire village I think. You have nothing to apologise for I just missed seeing you and wondered where you were and was there some other way to find you? Don’t worry about keeping up with my stuff, I trust you will check in when you can.
        You are FABULOUS and I look forward to each of your posts. 🙂 xx

  1. Speaking as a grandpa about ready to give his four year old a burro ride, I fear my comments would require more serious moderation than I in any way would want to subject you to, Terah. I continue to admire your brutal tenacity.

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