Get My Word In

I write with vigor
but I can’t talk with
my friends
Some nights they’re
like this
I can’t push and
force myself into
behaving so I find
a groove with
the music and
I speak through my
fingers and onto
the page

I will not beg to
be one of the girls
one of the girls
with a way of words
from her mouth
but a woman who
hordes the thoughts
and later arranges
them so onto the page

Later spilling them
throwing them at my friends
at my lover
while they’re sleeping
or silent and I can
finally get my word in

8 thoughts on “Get My Word In

  1. Thank you for this poem. It seems to describe what I call being invisible. It’s like everybody is putting this puzzle together and the piece in your hand doesn’t fit anywhere.

    1. Oh, I like that. Sometimes I’m mad that I’m invisible. And sometimes I’m really really happy that I’m invisible. Of course, then people tell me You’re not invisible at all! What is true I do not know.

  2. Terah, I so relate to this poem. I’ve always been the quiet one with my feelings soaking the pages. I was told that I was born tongue-tied and it was clipped on my first visit to the doctor’s office when I was still a baby. Yet, I still have trouble getting the words out unless it is in print… Thank you for this poem! LĂ©a

    1. Interesting Leamuse! You certainly have a way with words!

      I still do not take for granted your presence on my blog. And I truly regret that I am not able to return the favor. I hope to someday repay you by visits to your lovely blog. Please let me know if you publish a book, I would like to take it home with me and have it on my bed side. You are the best!

      1. You are so kind Terah. Have no worries. We often get caught up in this world of living and somethings must wait. Most likely I shall still be here when you have some time, just make sure you keep writing!
        As for the book, I am waiting on the forward which is being written by someone else so it when they can get to it… You know the drill but thank you for the support.

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