How To Deal With Monsters

As a kid I’d get scared
We all did I know
We feared a thing
called Monster
It’s origins unknown
Yes it could be
under the bed
in the closet
down the hall
but where did this
thing come from
all slimy sickly and slow
I thought it all over
I thought it through
real good
I though if I ever
actually meet the
I’d know just what
to do:
I’ll make friends
with it, I said
a monster seems
a lonely thing
now I know I
only wanted to
manipulate the
monster–get him
to stay under the bed.
Do we ever dream
up female monsters?
No I think we don’t
Do we have good reason to?
Sometimes, but mainly no
Amazing that I feared the
green and gooey
When monsters
were all around me
Well at least there
were one or two
But people called them
Grandfather, Neighbor
or just Joe
Rather than run
from them
call them out
or call the cops
we would roast
them chickens
fill their coffee,
clean their pots
Now I’m not saying
the women were angels
the men were devils
and that was that
but there’s something
to be said for fighting
not running
when things get bad
So if you ever meet
a monster
Don’t you listen to me
Instead of making friends,
you just be as loud as
you can be
Scream, shout, bite, tell it all
Don’t you hold a thing back
There are exceptions to this
rule, as life isn’t always
white and black
But use your rage and
use it good
Be wise beyond your years
Know that monsters come in
all sizes and ages
And this is how you know their near:
You feel it in your gut
it doesn’t have to be dark outside
The monster doesn’t have to
be scary
When you know
you know
you know
you know
And I know you know
what I mean
The sooner you tell
somebody about it
the sooner the monster
stops feeding
But even if it’s been
years and years
come out with the
thing and start
your healing

9 thoughts on “How To Deal With Monsters

  1. …and you know! Brilliant Terah. I never had to dream up those monsters as they were all around me. On the outside, many of the passed for “normal”. They even masqueraded in cloaks of respectability and of course, religion. Thank you for this poem. Léa

    1. *They even masqueraded in cloaks of respectability and religion.

      Thank you for your honest response, Lea. I posted this one on FB. I didn’t get a ton of feedback or likes. But I did get some sympathetic comments. But I was thinking: I hope people don’t think I’m trying to do a Poor Me thing. Cause I am so not!! I’m over that. I’m REACHING OUT. That’s what I’m after. Keeping feminism going. People might think I’m oversharing. I don’t care. I will continue.

      1. One of the things I value most about getting to where I am (not just physically but emotionally) I don’t give a rats ass what the hell “they” think. I nearly drowned in all that. Also, once in awhile, I get a message from someone who is still in that hell thanking me for reaching back and shining my little light in their direction. If I can do that for one, it makes it all worth while. Thank you Terah! Ma brave (A brave woman). Léa

  2. Terah, Every little girl who knows these monsters needs this poem. Dr. Suess would be proud that you took the meter and made it say so much. Well done.
    Martha, not David this time

    1. I didn’t know I did that. (The meter.) Lately I’ve been thinking my poems sound so “simple”. I had a friend say this poem reminded her of Dr Suess! I don’t even know what I’m doing LOL!

      Good thing or bad thing I don’t know. I think I need a poetry class. Finally.

      Thanks for clueing me in! Martha!! Good to hear from you!! ❤

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