Love Blues Balance

Twelve cups of coffee later and I have (finally!) completed my book of poems Love Blues Balance. A project I have been compiling for weeks now has a cover and 108 pages of material. Just awaiting approval from Createspace and then I will a) order a copy for myself and b) order copies to distribute. A special thanks to friend and photographer Kirsten Lara Valenzuela who provided the lovely cover image you see here.

Can’t wait for distribution! Stay tuned!  ❤


6 thoughts on “Love Blues Balance

    1. I am so excited to put it out! With this collection, I’m just happy to do it in hard copy rather than e-book. It’s so much more enjoyable and tangible (I think my friends and family will appreciate that too). I’m not really trying to Go Big, I just want a book I can hand to people and share.

  1. I can’t wait to have a book of yours on my shelf. May I read something from it at a poetry reading ( if i get to do that again this year) ? I think though that I’m having a little trouble making that connection, but I haven’t given up, procurement is in the cards.

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