On Transformation

If I am to change
I shall be the agent
of that change
and many of them
have still to be
I thirst for
the waters
that course through
my future person
my mind
my body
my spirit

When I am alone
and quiet
I can better move
through the landscape
that is being human
better scale the mountain
that is being me
the past is an avalanche
above and behind me
the trail in front
is forked
and broken
sadly, I see that
some paths lead to imagesUN7SIHNH
nowhere–and if that
be the case then
anywhere is somewhere
when you still have a

My mind
slips and staggers
My impressions,
the ones that I give,
are not always kind
I do worry about
my mind

I must prepare
for battle
It’s as simple
as that
I must balance
out my person
I need to take
some sort
of chance

If I am to change
then I shall be the agent
of that change
I see Transformation
I’ve done it before
I see a makeover
of the soul
nothing outwardly
or flashy or faux
I see spelling-out a prayer
and later finding its been answered
I see asking some questions
for once
I see saying
no no thank you
to the many temptations
that just don’t suit me
I see blank pages
and getting more
writing done
I see stepping into
the shoes
of the woman I
want to become

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