The Lost Art of Quiet

Was there ever
a time and place
where nobody spoke?
A time in the day or
a place where it was
I think when your
gab is trapped
your ears open up more
I think nobody shuts
up anymore
I think I’d like for
folks to shut up more
Sometimes people whisper
about a local boy who
doesn’t speak much
I don’t know the boy
but I already like him
People think he’s
mad or sad or dumb
I figure he’s wise.
When I am quiet,
people think I am
I don’t care
what they think.
I think they sound
like those cars with
the muffler that makes
the car sound fast and
only it’s not
it’s all show
it’s all NOISE
I wanna wear a
sign that reads
Shut Yer Trap
Stop russlin’ your
own tail feathers
I don’t care what
your brother’s cousin
had for dinner
For fuck’s sake
I mean, just leave
me be
Understand that
I am quiet.
And when I offer up
a poem there is no
obligation to listen
to what I have to say
it is a choice, a courtesy
for me to zip my mouth
and point to a poem
Stop dancing, ladies
Stop hollering and pointing
to your crotch, cause I don’t
wanna see it
Stop pounding on your
chests, men
I think it’s just me and
that one quiet boy who
think it but…
Let me come to you.
Do not mistake my
stillness for depression,
for I am simply conserving
my thoughts and words
Like a good person outta
Was there ever a time
and place where nobody
If there was it is far far
from here
I want peace
I want quiet
and understanding
I want to shut up and
listen and I ask the
same of you, no
I beg the same of

9 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Quiet

  1. Right on, I had a friend who could never stay quiet, as if the lack of noise frightened her. If nobody talked, she’d start humming! Marvin and I have an agreement about jibber-jabber, “Is what you’re about to say going to contribute to the silence?”

  2. Love it! Love it! So are so amazing..So proud of you..Love you lotts and miss you..

    1. Proud of me for writing angsty poems? Well, whatever works! I thank you Grandma Sally for visiting my blog, reading my words, and sharing your love.

      Love to you today.

  3. Lots of monks have observed long periods of quietness. David and I used to do that to, just for a day. Not a bad idea to start again. Although around this house it is rather quiet, no TV, no radio. Just some music occasionally. I think the loudest sounds are the donkeys braying and the turkeys gobbling. Martha and David.

  4. Here’s a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson:
    Let us be silent
    that we may hear
    the Whisper of God.


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