Fall apart, let loose into creation
Let my hair down, like a poet would do
Dance a sexy dance, for no one
Write off my obsessions and idols
Lower them until we see eye to eye
Kiss them
Open my mouth
and let love in

Get places on time
step by step, cover the basics
Clock in and clock out
with a smile
Allow myself to fall apart,
just enough behind the scenes that
I walk away with a notecard poem
safeguard–just barely–my reputation
my job title

Forgive others
as easily as I forgive myself
Let loose the reigns
and let em go wherever
the fuck they want

Seize the moment
(cross that out)
Avoid cliches

Fear blank pages
more than scribbles
For mistakes are a sign
of progress

Live in the knowledge
that things cannot be pretty
100% of the time
A concept not limited to
my face, my body
Understand that superficiality
is the sister to vanity
and to view yourself poorly
makes you just as vain as if
to  view yourself pretty
all of the time

So you
do the dishes
tidy up
All of the time

But most of all you
fall apart
into poetry
even if it means
scribbles and
ink on the fingers
or your face
even if it means
mussying up a
blank page
a blank page
that will roll around
in your purse
in your car
in your junk drawer
mussying up your life
like children or dirty jobs
in general

Fall apart for creation
for a full and happy life
Fall apart for a full heart
and just write

4 thoughts on “To-Do

  1. Terah, I love your list. I have always found it much easier to forgive others but I’m told I’m rather unforgiving of myself. Must admit there is some truth to that it was one of those lessons I learned early… xx

  2. Dear Terah, Both David and I like this poem. A good to-do list. He said to tell you he is still going to write you himself. I like the avoid the cliches by crossing out the cliche. But isn’t fuck almost a cliche itself? And do, always clock in with a smile. Not only do you feel better, but you never know whose day you’ve made better. Keep filling those blank pages girl. Make those mistakes and try again. martha

    1. Oh good!

      Fuck is not a cliche, however, not in my world! Haha!

      I love you guys, so much. Will see you again, I’ll make sure of it! As always, I can’t thank you enough for reading. You two rock my world.

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