Sparkle and Boom

I am uncontrollably contained
unordinarily incomprehensible
it’s a day off too long coming.

I notice the colored expessions
stone-still faces make when
no longer twisting to impress, seduce
ugly places turn uglier and pretty places too
none of it is as pretty as we pay for,
paint for
but somehow that’s beautiful too,
a brain massage and you’re on
your own, you begin to let go:
we are all: bark on a tree
we are all: the back of a leaf
we are all: noses too “big” for our faces
we are all: corndogs in and out
we are all: girlfriends, boyfriends, somebody’s bearded lover.
we are all: tinkering with stones and making music
we are all: hardworking people on our day off
we are all: from Anytown, USA
we are all: struggling
we are all: soaring
we are all: working for somebody, but not tonight
we are all: geniuses with gummed lips
we are all: loose lipped with nothing new to say
we are all: following our day dream
we are all: lit by the mothering moon within us
we are all: nothing without it
we are all: needing to be held
we are all: diving to save the child
we are all: overflowing and down to the last drop
we are all: everything to offer and nothing special
we are all: loose with it
we are all: scared and lonely
You pay attention and things
start to fall apart and begin again
my echo
my shadow
and me
we are all: spectacle.
sparkle vile.

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