Science Over Silence: Climate Crisis Demonstrations in Eugene, Oregon

Nearly 150 countries worldwide participated in demonstrations during the first day of the annual Global Climate Strike week (Sept. 20-27th). The following are photos of the youth-led demonstration at Eugene Oregon’s Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza outside the Lane County courthouse on Friday, September, 20th. 

150 countries worldwide rallied for the global climate strike, including the city of Eugene, Oregon (pictured here at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza).
“Sorry 4 the inconvenience. We’re trying to change the world,” one poster read.
Logic and wisdom drive our youth to ask that world leaders take action. Like, now!
Well put. Simply put. #naturenow
Loud and clear.
“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”


Know better, do better. Mothers for climate justice.
Friday’s demo largely revolved around the governments blatant knowledge of the climate crisis for decades past. Notice the #govknew sign and president’s heads on sticks in front of the crowd.
I ask myself: What can I give up today to ensure that every living thing has a chance at survival?
We’re with her. #motherearth 

Thank you for viewing my short photo essay. It would be an understatement to say I have respect for the organizers of these demonstrations worldwide. I echo their sentiments. I feel/fear for our future, too. I feel for our today. If you know better, do better. If you don’t know better, snuggle down in your bed and read National Geographic regularly. Tune into NPR during breakfast. Google the climate crisis. Talk to an educated person: a scientist, a concerned youth, a farmer about the weather. Kids are pointing out the facts and we as leaders (in the home, in our communities) need to be considerate, consistent, and demonstrate our own common sense in concrete ways to help them. We can set clear examples of how to be gentle on this earth. We can grow out of our habits, on micro (personal) and macro (governmental) levels.

For sustained local involvement in Climate Strikes in Lane County, Oregon, hook up with:

Global Climate Strike Team

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