i walk through my front door
just getting home from town
hang my keys on the wall
unzip my jacket
i reach both hands into the pockets of my dirty, purple down jacket
i find a dollar in each pocket
i laugh to myself
i raise my eyebrows cleverly at my cat
that’s funny I say to her
a day of barely scraping by!
pulling my hair out frantically over which bills to pay
a day of returning cans for cash
the bank account low
at the grocery-store I was balking over the dollar and a half cans of tunafish
breaking a sweat over paying fifty-cents per avocado
i was bullied, beaten up by the grocery store
now, at the end of the day
i reach into my pockets and find one dollar
one dollar each pocket!
i’m not sure if I feel rich, or poor
but i am certainly humored
id never before found a dollar a pocket

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