The Best Love Is Self-Love

Today’s day
Looks bright and inviting
But it’s not,
Today’s day is unforgiving
Today is a friends smile, faked
Everybody needs a day like today

A day like today reminds you
how to cradle yourself
Because sometimes a day like today
Makes you cry and shake to the point
where you have to literally hold yourself together

Self love is the best love
Its by far the truest love that there is
Everybody needs a day when their friends
won’t answer the phone and never call back,
Though they are alive and well

Everybody needs a day
Where they feel so completely alone
That they have to cradle themselves
To remind themselves
The worth of thy self

I’m turning off my phone
Fuck it
My friends can shrivel up
and die on Facebook for all I care

Where were you when the world ended?

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