A Beautiful Name

and Autumn

Those are the names of
my boyfriends (some exes)

Aren’t their names fucking beautiful?
These names have haunted me —
One still does

Funny story:
For two or more years
I kept my Rosemary spice in the cupboard
While the thyme, the parsley and the others
sat out on the counter
A while after the breakup I finally brought
the Rosemary out of the cupboard
Now I just get a little nostalgic when I see it
As if Rosemary and I were old friends or something

If the girls only knew how they’ve plagued me
I am certain they would be flattered
And oh how I wish I could control my feelings
How I wish I just didn’t care

I look forward to December when I can stop thinking about Autumn
I’ve noticed that people much prefer Autumn to Fall when describing the season
I don’t blame them.

There’s a lot in a name;
Not to undermine the girls beauty otherwise

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