I’m feverish with anxiety
Feverish over you!
I feel it most
In the pit of my stomach
Where there is a ball of fire
I’m practically exhaling flames
Puffs of smoke
Spew from my nostrils
I am a dragon
I’m crouching, shaking
In the foyer
Of my dungeon
You will arrive here soon
How will I not kill you
With my breath when I say
Hello to you?
How will I not eat you
When I get hungry?
It is so my nature.
I am feverish
With worry
I am a great danger
To you
And you
Are about to
Arrive here soon

7 thoughts on “Caliente!

  1. I can’t help but remember a couple of years ago when I ran into you at a second hand store in the book section, referring to you as “Lasca” to Martha I believe, when a volume of Romantic Poetry I had in my hand fell open to a poem by John Keats, La Belle Dame sans Merci. I memorized the poem, warily.

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