Making it in Changing Times Conference Notes

I made my way up to Portland (soon I won’t have to travel so far, yay!) on January 26th for a writers conference, Making it in Changing Times.

Lidia Yuknavitch was the keynote speaker and the event was organized by Jessica Morrell author of Writing Out The Storm, a book Lidia held close to her chest and kept on her bedstand during the FIRST days, weeks, and months of her writing career. She credits the book for motivating her to write. Jessica Morrell is to Lidia what Natalie Goldberg is to me.

The event was SPECTACULAR. I was high the entire time. On writing, folks, on writing. During the session I thought of you guys: my blogging community. My writing tribe. My stranger-angels.

I took notes of course, with the intent of sharing them on my blog. With you. Because you are where I am–scratching and clawing your way into the writing world. Some of you are further along than others. For some of you this information will be premature, for others it will be old news. But I hope for at least one of you, it is just perfect useful.

Over the next few days, I will post 4 conference “notes”:

1. “An Editor’s Wishlist” by Jessica Morrell
2. “Kick Start Your Writing in 2013” by Polly Campell
3. “The Worth of Risk” by Lidia Yuknavitch
4. “Signs You’re Telling Not Showing” by Jessica Morrell

Do you know these authors? What books, conferences, and authors have inspired you? Please share your thoughts, we’re all in this together. I’ve never heard of an artist being “over inspired”, have you? For me, I can’t get enough inspiration. But like love, the timing has to be just right…if you don’t get anything from these notes right off–come back. It’s good stuff.

12 thoughts on “Making it in Changing Times Conference Notes

  1. Just your down to earth candor inspires me. That you know we are all in this together does too.
    I love Natalie Goldberg, but I’m married to Julia Cameron.
    The Right to Write is always close to my chest even when I leave it in the car.

    Morning pages fill chests instead of my chest.

    You ask sweet questions.

    1. The Right to Write–OK that’s at the top of my list now!

      Thank you for your comments! I hope you appreciate the notes I post. It really was some good stuff. Also, I’ve just started Twitter and if you got one I would love to connect, thanks!

  2. I’m looking forward to these, Terah. I always get so neurotic about whether I’m showing vs. telling. Ultimately, the gears grind to a halt and nothing gets done. Doh! ‘The Worth of Risk’ sounds intriguing, though. That one I’ll be reading as soon as its posted.

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