Conference Notes: An Editor’s Wishlist

“An Editor’s Wishlist” presented at Making it in Changing Times by the dashing Jessica Morrell

* I really tried to take these conference notes word-for-word–but naturally something will be lost or manipulated along the way. My apologies. In addition, I added my own special formatting to the notes. For example in this first post I will do a simple “bullet list” since the topic was editor’s “wishlist”.


———————————————–“Editor’s Wishlist”:

———————————————-A writer who:


  • #1. Has Voice!

    What is Voice?

    -Your character’s consciousness
    -A character who has more personality than you do
    -In harmony with your roots
    -Changes depending on the circumstances


  • Can promote their own work via personal blog,, Twitter, Facebook. One more time: CAN PROMOTE THEIR OWN WORK VIA PERSONAL BLOG, GOODREADS.COM, TWITTER, FACEBOOK


  • Has realistic expectations about editors and publishers (piggy-backing off the former bullet)


  • Is shocking, surprising, and uses “fire-fly” words (i.e. magical, special words. No clichés!)


  • Uses word combinations that make you feel something, one example is “he huck-finned his way across the nation” 


  • Has a “high-concept” story–a story that gets across a single point such as Cheryl Strayed’s WILD: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. A story about a woman hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Another example is Jurassic Park. A story about Dinosaur’s living in the modern world.

    “There is a dramatic question at the heart of every high-concept story” – Jessica Morrell

    A story that is NOT high-concept makes the reader say “wait, what is this story about exactly?”

In closing:

“The traditional publishing world has changed–but editors need you, publishers need you. You are teenage girls and publishers are teenage boys.” – Jessica Morrell

2 thoughts on “Conference Notes: An Editor’s Wishlist

  1. Soon you will be joining Natalie, Julia and many others with your own book about writing! Let me know when it is ready so I can purchase a copy…

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